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This website is submitted as a class project for a course at Skagit Valley College in Mount Vernon, WA, USA: CMST 205 DE - Intercultural Communication: D - LIND J (Winter 2019)
The class is required for my Associate's Degree in Web Design. I already have an Adobe Certificate and a Certificate in Web Design. Multimedia Interactive Technology — Degrees and Courses

My Biography
I am Judy R. Johnson (Judy or even "JJ" will do), and I have relatives living locally, but my long-divorced husband is dead, and I had no children.
I am pursuing a Multimedia-Web Design Associate's Degree, and as of 2019 have completed an Adobe Certificate and a Web Design Certificate. I need income to supplement my retirement finances, and so need to keep up in the employment market to work online as a freelancer eventually, after some time as an employee in order to build references for my résumé.
That's going to be my day job; my heart's desire is to self-publish my WIP (Work in Progress), a "hard" Science Fiction novel.
My home is on the Tulalip Reservation in Snohomish County, and consists of two memberships at the Port Susan Camping Club, with living space equivalent to a house. I like to travel, both overseas and throughout the USA in my RV, and spend a lot of time on Science Fiction fan club activities, PSCC interests, and walking with my smallish terrier-mix dog, Einstein ("Einie" for short)

Judy and Einie 2014

Business Website
The "final" version of my business website is still a WIP (Work in Progress), as is my Portfolio ("No time, no time!") but here is some text from an earlier version. When this quarter is completed, the first order of business is to get these done.
jj-INK Web Design JJ-ink provides state-of-the-art online materials of all sorts, using commonly accessible software, up-to-date training, and a lifetime of writing, editing, and learning. It is a good thing to be raised by schoolmarms.

— Need a website tweak?
— Desperate for presentation materials or copy editing?
— Wow them this Holiday Season with a video made from vacation snapshots.
— How about a whole new online marketing campaign?

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